Intelligence Request & Information System

Intelligence Request & Information System (IRIS) was designed to streamline the intelligence request, communication, and dissemination processes. IRIS is an efficient and time saving platform that will help Intelligence Analysts stay on top of requests and produce standardized, intelligence products every time.



What makes so great?

  • Cloud-based modern web app

    Hosted in Microsoft Azure. No installs, hardware or hidden costs. Simple onboarding, support & frequent updates/enhancements included.

  • Government ready, CJIS compliant

    Ready for use in private enterprises, local, state, & federal agencies.

  • Templated report generation

    Great looking reports, with tons of editor control, but still maintaining uniformity.

  • End-to-end request tracking

    Never lose work items. Report on workloads. Manage assignments, priorities & workloads.

  • Per-request chat function

    Keep topic-relevant talk inside the topic it's intended for. Don't "bleed" into other platforms like email, texts & IMs.

  • Full text request search

    Eliminate redundancy & make it easier to reuse information that has already been gathered.

Benefits of using

IRIS was built with efficiency in mind.
Time efficiency. Cost efficiency. Process efficiency.

  • Transparency Easy data access
  • Simplicity Simple UI, great support
  • Productivity All-in-one solution
  • Ease-of-use Any device with internet

Iris is a platform built to help organizations deal with challenges of housing, and utilizing digital information. Managing requests to meet both internal and external requirements, simple account and visibility management, and output production consistency and control make up the backbone of the platform. Using the power of the cloud, simple search and reporting capabilities, military-grade encryption, and an intuitive user interface we empower analysts to and information dissemination groups inside your organization to be more efficient by orders-of-magnitude. A well-defined report creation workflow combined with support for your common file formats means that your team can produce a professional final report end-product every time at a fraction of the time and cost that would be utilized otherwise. Because the platform is a web-based cloud-enabled SaaS software solution, you can access it using any device with a web-browser, it doesn't require any expensive specialized equipment or people to maintain and operate that equipment, and support, security updates, and product enhancements are all automatic and included in the price.

Getting started with ...

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