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User Survey Summary

Updated: Mar 20

March 22, 2024

In February 2024, the Intelligence Request & Information System (IRIS) conducted a comprehensive survey aimed at gathering insights from its diverse user base. This survey, a cornerstone of IRIS's commitment to user-centric development, sought to understand the experiences, challenges, and suggestions of users across all roles within the platform. With IRIS evolving significantly over the past four years, user feedback remains integral in shaping its future trajectory. The results of this recent survey provide invaluable guidance for refining the platform and ensuring a positive user experience.

Since its inception, IRIS has prioritized user feedback as a cornerstone of its development roadmap. The survey results reinforce this commitment, affirming the importance of ongoing dialogue with end-users. By leveraging insights gleaned from surveys like the one conducted in February 2024, IRIS leadership can iteratively enhance the platform to better serve user needs.

The results of the February 2024 survey offer a comprehensive snapshot of user sentiments within the Intelligence Request & Information System. By actively soliciting and acting upon user feedback, IRIS reaffirms its commitment to delivering a user-centric platform that empowers intelligence professionals across diverse roles. As IRIS embarks on its next phase of development, the voices of its users will continue to steer its evolution towards greater efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.

IRIS 2024 Survey Feedback
Download PDF • 171KB

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