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David Harrington

Advisory Board Member

David Harrington is the former Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner of The Forseti Group. In that role David was responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of the company. David helped establish Forseti as Florida’s premier provider of underwriter services. Under his management, Forseti consistently achieved year-over-year revenue, profitability, and client growth.

Over the last decade, David has helped guide Forseti through six product launches and a major expansion into government services. Since 2008, Forseti has grown from a single product vendor to a major underwriter services provider under David’s leadership. Davids role within IRIS is to assist in revenue operations by helping standardize process and procedures and identify key areas to reduce expenditures while maintaining operational efficiencies.

David participates in various volunteer organizations and community groups. In his spare time he is a sports enthusiast and plays on local leagues. David is an advocate for using technology to augment workforce development with an emphasis on creating a better work / life balance for employees. He is actively engaged in and committed to helping drive the Orlando area business community.

David Harrington
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